Our Story

Founded in 2019, we are a chef marketplace on a mission to make personal chefs easily accessible to everyone in every community. We aspire for our community to experience (taste) the world through globally-inspired recipes, curated cuisines, and on-demand personal and executive chefs.


Client Promise

To provide a safe, authentic, delicious, and delightful personal chef dining experience. Chef credentials and certifications are checked and validated.


Giving Back

37 million people in the United States are struggling with hunger. 11 million are children or 1 in 7 children. We proudly donate 1% of MySimpleChef sales to Feeding America’s mission. Every $1 given to Feed America provides up to 10 meals to families in need.

Feeding America

We donate 1% of
all sales to the

Feeding America
Hunger Relief Fund.

One In Nine

In the United States, 1 in 9 people struggles with hunger.

Learn more about hunger in the United States

Who’s Cooking?


A growing number of people in the culinary industry or folks that just love to cook and have amazing recipes passed down from generations are exploring and enjoying the freedom of being a personal chef.


We’re building a culture within MySimpleChef that emphasizes doing the right thing, always, for clients, partner chefs and drivers, and employees.

Our approach to Safety

Your safety is essential and a top priority for us, always!

We are committed to doing our part, and we recognize that every time you use our platform, you are putting your trust in us.

That trust is why we have partnered with certified and experienced culinary professionals to help develop our operating procedures and safety guidelines for the chefs on our platform.

It is highly important that everyone – clients, client guests and chefs are safe!

All chefs are background checked before their first booking.

Before anyone can cook with MySimpleChef, they must undergo a multi‑step safety screen, including violent crime and culinary experience and certifications.


Our Story
Our Story

Protected. Personal and Private Chef Insurance.

There’s insurance to cover you in case of an accident. Our chefs are required to carry food safety and liability insurance.

Everyone should have a personal chef. With the ability to cook food based on a person’s individual needs, private chefs are becoming more popular and not just for celebrities and sports stars anymore.

Program programs General Liability and Products and Completed Operations Coverage

Your concerns are our concerns. More than ever, food safety is top priority for our health and well being.

The ServSafe® program is developed by the National Restaurant Association with the help of foodservice industry experts who face the same risks you do every day.

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