Earn Money Doing What You Love

Be your own Boss

Design your menu.

Set your own hours.

Cook. Delight. Get Paid.

Reliable Pay

Leave the marketing to us.

Make up to $1,000 per week.

MySimpleChef Mission

We are a chef marketplace on a mission to make personal chef experiences easily accessible to everyone in every community.

Chef Promise

To enable personal chefs to spend more time on culinary creations and less time on planning and promotions.

Get Started

Sign Up: Submit app, ID, certifications, insurance.

Get Ready: set profile, menu, pictures, price, and schedule.

Gear Up: cookware, aprons, all you need as a boss chef.

Cook: delight, entertain, and leave your clients happy.

Get Paid: Get Reviewed. Repeat. Smile like a boss!

Frequently Asked Questions


How does MySimpleChef work?

The client selects a menu and a chef, schedules dates, and makes payment. Chef confirms availability shops food, cooks a delicious meal, cleans up.

How do I sign up to be a chef on the MySimpleChef platform?

Submit our application form above, and our operations team will reach out shortly.

What are the chef requirements?

Food liability insurance, food handling license, menu, quality menu, and supporting pictures.

Who sets the schedule, menu, pricing?

Chefs sets schedule, menu, and price based on experience, party size, cuisine, and value or premium offering. We can also guide you.

Do I need a culinary degree?

No. The primary requirement to have prior chef experience in a restaurant or as a private chef, and meet our onboarding requirements.


How and when do I get paid?

Chefs get paid 72 hours prior to the event via Stripe.

What happens if the chef has to cancel?

Once the chef confirms availability, we expect you to take the responsibility seriously. If you must cancel, email us asap: support@mysimplechef.com.

What happens if the client cancels the order?

Clients may cancel up to 72 hours prior to the scheduled event for a 100% refund.

What is Stripe Account & why do I need it?

Stripe is our trusted payment processor. MySimpleChef relies on Stripe for accepting payment and managing payout to Chefs.

How do I set up my Stripe Payout Account?

Step 1: go to www.stripe.com to create your account. Step 2: Once Stripe is set up, log into MySimpleChef. Step 3: On the left panel, click “Accounts” and then ”Payments”. Follow the prompts to finish the setup.

How much does MySimpleChef cost?

Chef profile registration is free. We deduct a 9% referral fee: 5% for platform operations and marketing, 3% for payment processing, and 1% for Feeding America hunger-relief fund.

Can clients tip me?

Clients are encouraged to tip at their discretion.


Will I need to provide cookware?

Chefs do. Be fully equipped with your own cookware.  If you have specific requirements, email: support@mysimplechef.com.

How far in advance can orders be placed?

We default to 5 days in advance. Chefs can set based on preference & 72 hours prior to event. 

Can I reach out to client directly?

No. For all client inquires, we are happy to help. Email: support@mysimplechef.com

What are the coronavirus guidelines and food safety procedures?

Chefs must follow CDC, federal, state, and local health guidelines. Masks and gloves must be worn while cooking and serving. Food handling and ServSafe license required. We have a strict “don’t show up sick” policy. Email us asap for cancellations: support@mysimplechef.com.

Who handles setup and cleanup?

Chefs setup, cooks, and cleans up afterwards.

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